STEMI INDIA 2018 conference is a day and a half program which will provide a comprehensive review and training to the medical team involved in the processes and procedures in the care of the STEMI patient - from the Emergency room physician, Intensivist and nurses in CCU, to the clinical cardiologist involved in thrombolysis and to the cardiac catheterization laboratory team in PCI capable hospitals.
The primary aim of the meeting is to develop 'STEMI Teams' in hospitals capable of quickly and appropriately managing STEMI patients thereby reducing reperfusion times and improving outcomes. These workshops will be conducted by experts and consist of lectures, case histories, interactive sessions and cine review.

 Emergency room physicians and Junior doctors on ECG diagnosis and localisation of Myocardial Infarction, CPR and emergency medications.
 Clinical Cardiologists/Physicians on thrombolytic therapy, appropriate anti-thrombotic / anti-platelet agents and anti arrhythmic agents.
 Interventional Cardiologist on optimal angioplasty techniques, newer anti-thrombotics drugs and thrombectomy devices to be used and methods to reduce door to balloon times.
 CCU nurses on arrhythmia diagnosis and management, basic CPR and drugs in CCU.
 Cath tech and cath lab nurses on thrombectomy devices , use of IABP, drugs in the cath lab and interventional hardware.
 How to start a Primary PCI program.
 Reducing Total Ischaemic time.
 Mastering PPCI and dealing with complications with CD presentations.
 Role of thrombolysis in the STEMI era.
 Management of arrhythmias in the CCU.
 Role of Echocardiography in diagnosis and management of STEMI.
 Mechanical complications in STEMI.
 ECG and BLS workshops.